Cabinets with Artistic Touch

When it comes to custom cabinetry there is always more than just function to it. Custom cabinets, whether they are created to grace your kitchen or home office, library, or family room, without doubt, will add warmth, beautiful wood texture and structure to the room design, while keeping your space well organized.

We at Devon Fine Cabinetry design custom create our cabinets to match your unique vision of the space mastering the fine craft of cabinet making to perfection.

What is your decor vision?

  • Modern?
  • Classic?
  • Transitional?
  • Heritage?

We will help you select select the right materials, details and hardware and will make it look the best to highlight your design. We are always true to design in matching the right type of wood, finish, hardware styling, and custom detailing.

If you are starting from scratch and planning your home interior design from the very beginning we will help you to develop the right look, with the thought in mind that the space will be built around your needs and lifestyle. That is the most exciting feature about custom cabinetry!

Moreover, most of our clients having started with kitchen will also add custom wall units for family room, or custom cabinetry for their library space to keep the harmonious consistency throughout the house.

Custom design! Custom Fit Custom look!

Custom cabinetry offers an incredible array of options when it comes to design. You are able to match the style of the bookcases from finish to carved detail to an antique desk that has been in your family for generations, you can give a new life to your family room with a custom wall unit that works well in harmony with the design of a coffee table and conforms to the space where nothing could fit before.

In 2011 we have won Design Award by National Kitchen & Bath Association both in USA and Canada and continue to perfect our workmanship.