Kitchen Cabinets

The options for custom kitchen cabinets in the Greater Toronto Area are numerous and surprising. With new materials, gadgets and technological advancements, you can now get a fully custom built kitchen for the cost of a standard one or maybe just a little bit more. Most store bought kitchen designs will have to be fitted into a given space, making all kitchens custom design projects to some degree. Deciding to make your kitchen cabinets fully custom built is just another small step in the same direction. You will be paying a touch more but will be getting far more value than you would from a mass produced, store bought kitchen.

The advantages of having a custom built kitchen

  • You eliminate fillers in your kitchen design, by avoiding the standard 3 inch increments which leave lots of floor space unused.
  • Vertical wall space is also saved, with cabinets that will take up the wall all the way to the ceiling, leaving no dead room outside.
  • Design the cabinets to the exact specifications of your high-end appliances, fitting them perfectly and allowing you to cover them with cabinet doors to create a more cohesive kitchen interior.
  • Every single piece of wood is selected by you, ensuring quality and savings. Eliminate knots and pinholes, and ensure a great natural wood finish. You can also choose to use cheaper materials for the concealed parts and save a bit on that cost.
  • The only limit is your imagination and creativity – your new cabinets will fit any and every space and hole, taking any shape that you desire.
  • Stuff the kitchen with custom built in lighting fixtures and gadgets to your liking. It is not too expensive and is so much easier to integrate into a custom kitchen cabinet design than trying to include it in a store bought kitchen.

Our services include fitting, design, installation and full customization of your kitchen to meet your needs and budget perfectly. In addition to kitchens, we also produce any sort of custom cabinetry for you, including bathroom cabinets, TV wall stands and built in closets. Call DEVON Fine Cabinetry now – your best choice for custom kitchen cabinets in the Greater Toronto Area.