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We hired Devon cabinetry to do all the millwork in our new house. There service from start to finish was beyond exceptional. They went out of there way as we had possibly more than the usual amount of meetings. Marcel and Arthur would show at my house on early Saturday mornings to ensure we got what we wanted. The workmanship , quality and after service is perfect . I am really happy I went went them. They are great people and know there my guys for anything I ever do.

Mani Bagga

our experience with Devon has been absolutely amazing .
from design ,quality and service .
definitely recommend.

jimmy p

Our experience with Devon fine cabinetry has been excellent from service to quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vesa Feta

Devon Fine Cabinetry is probably the best place for all your mill work. We have had some bad experiences in the past with cabinetry makers but Marcel and Artur were absolutely amazing to work with. They had finished production and were ready to install before time and we had to put it on hold since we were not ready. One thing that sets them apart from other good cabinetry makers is their exemplary customer service.

Maaz Samdani